Merz Advisory consultants have a wealth of experience in supporting Regulators, Electricity Market Operators, Utilities, and Customers in their respective roles in the development.

The experience of working with all participants within the electricity industry means Merz Consultants have a strong understanding of the issues from all perspectives resulting in effective and pragmatic advice. This is reinforced by the breath of Merz’s Consultants spanning markets across Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.
Merz Consulting Engineers operate effectively within both technical and economic models and can use both tools to establish the impact technical changes may have on economic outcomes or visa versa. The tools adopted by Merz Consulting include

  • Electricity Dispatch modelling and montecarlo analysis (Using Energy Exemplar (c) and other products
  • Power systems analysis using Digsilent and other products
  • Statistical modelling

Services offered include

  • Advice and analysis on the impact of regulatory developments and changes
  • Review of submissions for regulatory tests
  • Electricity Market Operators
  • Analysis to support market price limits and other market factors
  • Advice on changes to market processes and operation
  • Support regulatory tests and resets
  • Development and maintenance of regulatory pricing models
  • Asset Valuations
  • Generators
  • Network Access Applications and Contracts
  • Power Sale Agreement Development and revision
  • Optimisation of operation to maximise market revenue