Introduction of the ISO 5500 standard reinforces the requirement for whole of life asset management to support an organisation in achieving its objectives.

Key to this approach is

  • the optimisation of asset creation including options analysis and timing of investments;
  • prescription of operational process that support the appropriate operation of the asset
  • timing and prioritisation of maintenance activities
  • timing and approach to disposal

Guiding the decision-making around these key functions are the organisations objectives including the organisations approach to the management of risk. An effective Asset Management System incorporates a set of concise and auditable records supporting the consistent application of good asset decision-making

Merz Consulting can support with the development of effective and prudent Asset Management Systems with services such as:

  • Design and implementation of full asset management systems
  • Integration of corporate risk frameworks with asset management decision-making using probabilistic and statistical tools.
  • Development or review of asset capacity expansion or end of life business cases
  • Development of asset condition assessment tools and documentation